Healthy living for your pet with the highest quality foods, toys and accessories

Healthy Living - Food

At Pinner Pets we believe that the first step to a healthy lifestyle is healthy food. We offer an extensive range of quality premium pet foods that use only the best ingredients. Many are hypo-allergic, holistic recipes with no artificial colours or additives as well as being wheat and gluten free. Most are designed to meet the dietary requirements of animals at each stage in their life and can also be the perfect choice for animals with sensitivities and allergies.

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Our range of dog and cat food includes Barking Heads, Meowing Heads, Hill Science Plan, Royal Canin, Symply, James Wellbeloved, Applaws, Arden Grange, Burns, Denes and Naturediet.

And for your smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters we offer Burgess Excel range and the Supreme range with Russell Rabbit food, Gerty Guinea Pig food, Harry Hamster food, Charlie Chinchilla food and Reggie Rat food.

For being your loyal friend and companion every pet deserves a treat and we offer an extensive range of rawhide to Bonio biscuits and natural bones to sea jerky. Our range includes hide flats, chocolate bones, gravy bones, Bakers, bonio, James Wellbeloved Crackerjacks and minijacks, Markies, munchy flats and munchy rolls.

And for smaller pets we have Harry's Crunchers, Russell's Crunchers and Gerty's Crunchers from Supreme.

Healthy Living - Activity

Vital to healthy living is active play. We provide a wide range of stimulating toys and boredom breakers for all animals including toys from Kong, Clix, Good Boy and Nylabone. The range includes rope toys, ring toys, throwing sticks and balls.

Healthy Living - Training

To enjoy a healthy lifestyle training and understanding between you and your pet is essential. We offer expert help and advice and supply a wide range of training aids including clickers and the Pet Corrector has proven to be effective for many dogs that respond to a more robust noise.

As well as pure training aids, leads, collars and extendable leads are available from standard nylon and fabric materials to quality bridle leather and brass.

Healthy Living - Rest

All pets need their quiet time and we can provide your pet with a great place to sleep with our extensive range of beds and bedding, including designer brands.

Healthy Living - Care and Grooming

Essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and relationship between you and your pet is grooming and we offer a wide range of grooming tools and kits from top brands such as Mikki and Ancol.

In addition to healthy food we provide a range of medicines and food supplements, with experienced staff on hand to offer tailored advice for your pet.


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